The Artery Show



26 April – 10 June 2012
For detailed information about The Artery Show visit: Click the image below to read The Artery Show newspaper, featuring all the inspirational contributors to the project: collectors, art professionals, exhibition venues and cultural institutions.

The Artery Show newspaper was distributed in the April edition of Kunstbeeld, the Netherlands’ primeur art magazine.

The Artery Show is a four-part exhibition and educational art project that takes an intimate view of the art world and how it functions. This ‘arterial’ system includes the artist as maker and entrepreneur, museums, art fairs, galleries, curators, corporate collections, auction houses and last, but certainly not least, the art consumer- the life blood of the entire system.

Discover artworks from more than 30 private collections and learn more about your own art likes and dislikes. Inspired by the idea of the art object as a ‘conversation piece’: a catalyst for experiences and relationships among like-minded people. The Artery Show builds on relational aesthetics and post-production, concepts developed by (French curator and critic) Nicolas Bourriaud, to unlock the mysteries and delights of living with art and participating in the art ecosystem. The Artery Show offers opportunities to reflect, socialise and participate against a backdrop of artworks that offer us a new and other view of our city.

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