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In dialogue with Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter

Posted on August
21, 2012
by barry


Hello Miss Sundström, who are you?

I am an artist/ painter, born in Sweden.

But I moved to The Netherlands 11 years ago.

What do you do?

I am a painter, who works mostly with expressions, impressions.

Women and their surroundings, the way they live..

I usually get inspired by my own life or stories around me.

I make (kind of) a collage of these impressions, in my head

and I get a vision about what I want to paint.

This often leads to familiar images mixed with

elements of estrangement.


I try to create some sense of alienation in
my paintings…

Sometimes I make an arm longer just because I think it looks

or I remove an arm or hand.

I usually make quite big paintings,

Not super big but they are not small

It gives more of a direct impression…and actually…I don’t
like to paint the heads too small.

I love to put the soul in their eyes and that is not so easy if
the paintings are really small.

The most important in my paintings are the eyes.

I see, it’s also more confronting for the
viewer because they can relate to it easier?

Yes that’s true

What aspect of women are you most drawn to?

In my latest paintings I have been working a lot around

Good or bad love.

How it feels when it goes wrong…

So what did you find out about love?

That it is not so easy…. the older you get the harder it is….

to find real love

Why is that?

If I had that answer I would not be single right now… haha

Okay, I get it :-)

I noticed none of your works (or at least, I
couldn’t find one) have a title, why?

Because I want to have an open dialogue with the viewer.

I don’ t want to tell them what they should feel.

I make half the painting and the rest comes from the viewer’s
own history.

I want to touch their souls if it’s possible.

That’s why I don’t want to come up with ready-made solutions…

My paintings have different meanings for everyone….

And I find that more appealing

Why? Is it too personal?

No. That’s not the reason…I want to touch the soul

If they ask, I will tell my history


But people probably ask you about the meaning of
your work all the time, no?

No actually they don’t.

Oh really? That’s weird

They just stay in front of my paintings, usually for a long time,

It is seldom that they ask me something, actually.

Maybe they’re afraid to ask, you’re paintings
look kind of dark

Hahaha…I look friendly, so I don’t think they are afraid of

And if I’m there during an opening I usually introduce myself.

They can ask me anything, but they usually talk about

themselves… about how they feel

Means you look like a kind lady

Yes that’s what I meant. I don’t look scary at all!!

:-) Well I see a lot of women there, beautiful
women, they

never look ugly or fat… very stylish women also

Yes…I also like fashion and have a degree in that…

I think that that is the reason for fashion in my paintings

I also love photography…black and white…

And a lot of my paintings are black & white

Where does this dark undertone come from?

I like to set a special atmosphere…surrounding my women.

Sometimes black, sometimes a bright color.

Usually Black when I want to express feelings of sadness.

Colors are gone.

Then there’s a lot of sadness in your paintings..

Maybe half of them.

There not always meant to be sad, despite the dark color…but

Sadness is also an easy impression to paint…

And actually I paint better when I feel sad. Or make better

Maybe because then I’m more in touch with the soul and feelings

And I also express feelings easier then

Yep, they look kind of emotional (your ladies),
maybe because they have strange babies, and strange pets;-)?



They came from the long-term relation I had at that time.

I was a little bit tired to always fix everything….

It came out in that kind of painting

Are you a sensitive person?

Sometimes I am sensitive but I sometimes not so much
… I am a mix!

Complicated lady?

I don’t think so

Quite normal

Usually women are standing in front of my paintings laughing about

they recognize, I find that very amusing.

I love humor!!!

What do you think about women nowadays?

I think that women nowadays are more independent than some
generations ago.

We marry for love and not for stability…

If it doesn’t work out, we can always leave.

That was harder before…. and a lot of people used to stick
together because of their children.

Most of the women have a job now!

Maybe I am different …because I am from Sweden

True, but love fades slowly and then it dies…

Not if you work on it and

handle with great care!

Most people don’t nowadays…

That’s a pity

But if you make that mistake one time…

You usually learn to do it differently next time…

You said earlier ‘Maybe I am different …because
I am from Sweden’,

what do you mean?

In Sweden we learn from child that we are the same as the man.
Same level.

We work 40 hours a week and the housekeeping is also equally

I also have an education as electronic engineer…. part of it
…because I chose to work with art…

So I went another direction

Most guys are afraid of strong women

I know

and that is what I am painting

Now I get a better view:-)

How did you end up in the Netherlands?

I was supposed to go to the Provence to paint with a friend but
she got sick.

So I decided to go on, interailing on my own.

First to Amsterdam, for a day and then to Paris, and in Rennes I
met the father of my child.

He is a Dutchman…

After a year I moved to The Netherlands after a tryout for 3

Oooh looove, toujours l’amour!!


This is a big interview!!!!!

Is it? How so?

I thought it would be a few sentences…. I checked your website


You have to click on ‘read more’ hahahaha



I was in a hurry!

I can see it now


Thank you for your time Miss!

Thank you Barry!

Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter online:

Link to interview:

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EK Interview: Birgitta Sundström

July 6, 2012



Birgitta Sundström was recently mentioned in our feature on CabinOdd.  Now you get to hear her  speak for herself!  She uses simple colors that seem to hold my attention in a way that’s hard to break away.  Check out her interview:

What’s the largest piece you’ve ever worked on?  How long did it take?

My largest painting is 270 x 170 cm. It had to be big because it’s about love’s complexities! It shows a girl reclining in a milk bath surrounded by black ducks; in the bath and on the floor around it. The ducks’ heads are human male heads.  I made it for a solo exhibition in Edsvik konsthall in Stockholm last year that featured over 40 of my works. This particular painting took me 5 weeks, working around the clock. The whole solo exhibition was very daunting because I had 130 meters of wall space to fill, but I was happy with how the work turned out, and the show was really well-received.

How do you start a new piece?  What is your process?

My pieces begin with impressions from the internet, TV or what’s happening around me or in my own life. The works take shape as a collage of all kinds of different impressions. After that, almost ‘automagically’, I get a kind of vision about what I want to paint. My work usually revolves around human relations and interactions and often combine personal stories, mirrors of the society, and dreamlike worlds that give a certain sense of estrangement and mystery.

When did you decide that acrylic on canvas was your preferred medium?  Have you experimented with other media?

I have experimented with different mediums in the past: textile, sculptures (clay) and  photography. Eleven years ago, before I moved to The Netherlands from Sweden, I was making clay sculptures and painting in acrylic. When I first moved to the the Netherlands, I worked less because my ex-partner and I started a family, but within 4 years I had a studio again and was again painting regularly.  Since I found my studio in Gouda I have been focused on mainly painting, but I will probably go back to experimenting with clay again some day. As for my acrylic paints, they are old friends. Acrylic allows me a lot of latitude in representing figure-ground relationships. I don’t have to worry about chemical reactions in the paint, I can focus solely on painting.


Besides the scope, what is the difference between large and small pieces?  Is there a difference in your approach?

I wouldn’t say there is a big difference in approach because my inspiration and beginning of the creative process remain the same. Some subject matter just demands more space and therefore more of everyone’s attention. Smaller works aren’t less important to me, they’re just a different technical challenge. I like making small work. They’re more intimate statements, somehow. And I like that they’re more affordable to a bigger group of art lovers and collectors, who may not have big walls or big wallets. I have plans to make more smaller work.

How has your work evolved from your first show in Luleå to the recent show with Cabinodd?

I have always painted portraits. The work I showed in Luleå was made with a different approach: the paintings evolved as I was making them. I was finding the story of the painting through colour. My process changed radically when I came to the Netherlands. These days I arrive at the canvas with a definite idea of what kind of character I want to portray, and how.


The two paintings currently on view during The Artery Show are inspired by my own life and my friends’ lives. One painting shows twins on a mission to have fun, and the other shows a woman who is taking it easy with love. She’s not soft, though. If someone pushes her, she’ll push right back. Maybe a little bit harder, too. There’s also an hourglass marking the passage not of time, but of love. My involvement with Cabinodd has been a positive impulse for me as an artist. Ella Buzo (Cabinodd’s director) has been really supportive of my work; finding venues for it at art fairs, galleries and within various curatorial projects, like The Artery Show.

What’s it like having your own studio?  What is Gouda like?

I’m lucky to have a big studio in Gouda and a smaller one at home. This may sound like a luxury, but I really need to be able to work at home in the evenings and sometimes through the night. It also makes childcare and child-related logistics much, much easier.

Gouda still has a lot of old world charm, but it’s deceptive. Gouda is actually a very vibrant city with a lot going on. Because of it’s size and location it’s a great base for an artist.


How do you decide to allow someone to show in your studio?

I really only show my own work in my studio gallery. The gallery is attached to my studio; it’s around 25 m². It’s a better place to show work than my studio is, and in that way, the gallery is like my studio at home: it gives me more freedom to work when and how I want.

From time to time I hold special viewing evenings in the gallery– they’re just like opening receptions. The viewings are so that people who follow my work can see what I’m up to. And I also show my paintings in the annual Open Studio routes.

When did you open your studio?  What kind of art do you show there?

I have had this studio for 6,5 years now. I show my own paintings and some of my sculptures.


What do you use, whether music, substances or otherwise, to get into the proper mood for a piece?  How do you emotionally prepare yourself, how do you sustain the mindset throughout a piece?

If you count much coffee as a substance, then yes I am a substance-user! :)  I also like to listen to music or sometimes I have the TV on in the background. Bands like Triggerfinger, The Editors, Selah Sue and VNV Nation get my creative juices going. However, I get a lot of energy just from the act of beginning a painting. After that, the momentum of the figures and stories coming to life keeps things going.


Are you right or left handed?

I am right-handed.


What is your favorite colour?  What is your favorite brand of paint and what makes it the best?

Black is my favourite ‘colour’, but I also like blue and cerise. I usually use Amsterdam Acrylic because of the good quality and price.

What is better, apple or orange juice?

No contest: I go for orange juice every time!!

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Part of brochure for exhibition NOCTURNE, Pulchri Studio, Den Haag 4-23 aug 2012

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Het Kanaal 12 april 2012

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Hart van Holland, 12 april 2012

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The Artery Show



26 April – 10 June 2012
For detailed information about The Artery Show visit: Click the image below to read The Artery Show newspaper, featuring all the inspirational contributors to the project: collectors, art professionals, exhibition venues and cultural institutions.

The Artery Show newspaper was distributed in the April edition of Kunstbeeld, the Netherlands’ primeur art magazine.

The Artery Show is a four-part exhibition and educational art project that takes an intimate view of the art world and how it functions. This ‘arterial’ system includes the artist as maker and entrepreneur, museums, art fairs, galleries, curators, corporate collections, auction houses and last, but certainly not least, the art consumer- the life blood of the entire system.

Discover artworks from more than 30 private collections and learn more about your own art likes and dislikes. Inspired by the idea of the art object as a ‘conversation piece’: a catalyst for experiences and relationships among like-minded people. The Artery Show builds on relational aesthetics and post-production, concepts developed by (French curator and critic) Nicolas Bourriaud, to unlock the mysteries and delights of living with art and participating in the art ecosystem. The Artery Show offers opportunities to reflect, socialise and participate against a backdrop of artworks that offer us a new and other view of our city.

You can find me on page 6.

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Radiointerview 28 jan 2012, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, RTV Gouwestad

RTV Gouwestad  106.2 FM op de kabel via 97.7 FM

Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter werd 28 januari door RTV Gouwestad geinterviewd over haar medewerking in het programma Sterren op het doek.

Link voor de radiointerview 28 jan 2012, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, RTV Gouwestad

Het Weekend In

Gemaakt door: Ank Uittenbogaart, Gerard Seesink, Ton de Witte
Studio assistentes: Riet Ritmeester, Lyda Hofman, Evelien van Vlaardingen en Hilda Frie
Eindredacteur: Theo Lucas a.i.
Wanneer: Zaterdag 11.00-13.00 uur
Herhaling:Zaterdag 21u het 1e uur, maandag 13u het 2e uur.Het Weekend In is een breed serviceprogramma dat u onder andere informeert over activiteiten op het gebied van cultuur, muziek, toneel, kunst en literatuur in Gouda en omgeving. In iedere uitzending zijn er gasten met een bijdrage over actuele of bijzondere onderwerpen. Verder hoort u welke exposities er zijn. En ook het programma van de Goudse Schouwburg en de filmagenda komen aan bod.De wekelijkse vaste gasten in de studio en aan de telefoon:
- Cor Kooijman met een toelichting op het programma van Het Filmhuis;
- Weerman Jan Willem de Wit met de vooruitzichten voor het komend weekend en de dagen daarna;
- Gerrit Schinkel blikt vooruit op de sportwedstrijden.Verder zijn er gasten die een maandelijkse rubriek verzorgen. Zoals de (literaire) boekbespreking door Ineke Verkaaik. Daarnaast verwelkomen we eens per maand Hans Schaap van De Heemtuin met zijn toelichting op wat er gaande is in de natuur. En de stadsdichteres Klara Smeets leest maandelijks een actueel stadsgedicht voor. Ook schuift eens in de maand Theo Lucas samen met de groente- of visboer aan om zijn marktmenu te presenteren: een menu samengesteld uit verse producten van de zaterdagse warenmarkt.Kortom Het Weekend In houdt u op de hoogte van wat u dit week-end en de komende periode in Gouda en omgeving kunt verwachten aan exposities, voorstellingen, muziekuitvoeringen en andere bijzondere bijeenkomsten en gebeurtenissen.Link voor de radiointerview 28 jan 2012, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, RTV Gouwestad 



RTV Gouwestad

28-12-2011 – Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, Sterren op het doek 3 jan, Ned 2

Nieuws lokaal – Cultuur

woensdag, 28 december 2011 13:59

De deels in Gouda gevestigde en van origine Zweedse Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter schildert Linda de Mol in Sterren op het doek. Te zien in de eerste aflevering van de nieuwe serie, deze wordt uitgezonden op dinsdag 3 januari , Nederland 2 om 20:25 uur.

De van origine Zweedse Birgitta werd in september door de redactie van Sterren op het doek benaderd of ze mee wilde werken aan het programma. Dat wilde ze wel en na haar toezegging ging alles in sneltrein vaart. Een week erna werd er al met de opnames begonnen.

Sterren op het doek. In dit programma aandacht voor 3 kunstenaars, onder wie Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter. Birgitta maakt voor dit programma geen schilderij van een portret maar plaatst Linda de Mol in een surrealistische wereld, wat kenmerkend is voor haar bijzondere werk. Het schilderij laat Linda schitteren tussen de zwanen als symbool voor haar kracht. In een prachtig werk zien we Linda omringd door water en zwanen. Als een mooi ballet schittert ze op het doek. Birgitta weet mensen te benadrukken in een krachtig werk, waarin symboliek en kleur en haar speciale benadering een goede weerspiegeling geven van het werk van deze bijzondere Zweedse kunstenares. Birgitta maakt werk met een andere wending. Iedere keer dat je naar haar werk kijkt, zie je nieuwe dimensies. Die staan voor persoonlijkheid en weerspiegeling van een vrouw die in het leven staat. En Birgitta kan niet beter omschrijven, wat de kracht is, dan door middel van haar schilderij.

In het programma interviewt Hanneke Groenteman een bekende Nederlander, die ondertussen door drie (telkens verschillende) Kunstenaars geportretteerd wordt. Nadat de schilderijen door de kunstenaars zijn voltooid worden deze aan de bekende Nederlander onthult. De hoofdpersoon mag één van de kunstwerken uitkiezen en mee naar huis nemen. De overige schilderijen worden na iedere aflevering geveild voor het goede doel via de website:

Meer informatie over het werk van Brigitta Sundström Jansdotter kunt u vinden op haar website:

Link naar RTV Gouwestad pagina      28-12-2011 – Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, Sterren op het doek 3 jan, Ned 2

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Zuidplas in het Weekend 14 jan 2012

Zaterdag 14 jan van 9-12 uur op de radio: Zuidplas in het Weekend


Zaterdag van 9-12 uur op de radio: Zuidplas in het Weekend

Elke zaterdag van 9 tot 12 uur. Altijd goed gevuld met nieuws, achtergronden,
activiteiten, Zuidplassenaren, het weer en lekkere muziek. In drie uur gezellige
radio ben je weer helemaal bij! Lees verder voor de onderwerpen.


Enkele van de onderwerpen van dit weekend

  • Cees de Haan begint een Judoschool in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
  • Aart Slobbe heeft de strijdbijl opgenomen tegen TONL over de OZB
  • Koos Vrolijk, het 1000-ste lid van de gezellige internet community Omroep
    Zuidplas Actief
  • Gerard van Dongen is een wielerfanaat en blogt over de klassieker
  • Albert van Bart van Leefbaar Capelle vreest dat mensen uit Zuidplas hun
    afval gaan weggooien in Capelle
  • Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter schilderde Linda de Mol voor het TV-programma Sterren op
    het doek

Kunstenares in Sterren op het Doek
Kunstenares Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter deed mee aan het
programma Sterren op het Doek van Omroep MAX. Zij maakte een kunstwerk omtrent
Linda de Mol.

uitgezonden op 14-01-2012 in Zuidplas in het Weekend

Here you can listen to the interview

Terugluisteren interview Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter

Birgitta Sundström schilderde Linda de Mol in “Sterren op het doek

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Het Kanaal 10 jan 2012

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Shownieuws 3 jan 2010

SHOWNIEUWS  3 jan 2012

Shownieuwsis een Nederlands televisieprogramma op SBS6 dat zich bezighoudt met beroemde personen in de Nederlandse en buitenlandse showbizzwereld.

Het programma wordt van maandag t/m vrijdag met een vroege editie (19.18 uur) en een late editie (22.50 uur) uitgezonden. Op zaterdag (22.50 uur) is er ook een late weekendvariant van het programma te zien.

Hier ben ik schilderend te zien tijdens de intervieuw met Linda de Mol.

Shownieuws 3 januari 2012 om 19:44

dinsdag, januari 3rd, 2012

Sterren op het doek

Hanneke Groenteman gaat op zoek naar de persoon achter het merk Linda de Mol

In het Gooi ontmoet Hanneke Groenteman Linda de Mol. In het prachtige, historische Huis Trompenburgh gaat Hanneke op zoek naar de persoon achter het merk Linda de Mol. Is ze altijd de goedlachse vrouw of kent ze ook een keiharde zakelijke kant?

Ook de kunstenaars Nicoline Heemskerk, Emile van Dalen en Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter gaan net als Hanneke op zoek naar Linda.

Presentatie: Hanneke Groenteman


dinsdag 3 januari 2012 20:25 uur, Nederland 2

Herhalingen (hh)
woensdag 4 januari 2012 13:15 uur, Nederland 2
zondag 8 januari 2012 19:35 uur, Nederland 2

U kunt het programma hier bekijken:

Link naar de TVprogramma Sterren op het doek, Linda de Mol

Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter

Linda de Mol door Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter ((Foto Roy Beusker)

Formaat: 120×180
Techniek: Acryl

Het werk van Birgitta is altijd groot van aard. De van oorsprong Zweedse kunstenaar werkt niet veel vanuit waarneming, maar gaat uit van haar eigen gevoel om een beeld van een persoon te creëren. Birgitta schildert graag zelfbewuste vrouwen, waar de emoties centraal staan in de compositie van het schilderij. Zal het Birgitta lukken om de zelfbewuste Linda op het doek te zetten?





Ruim miljoen kijkers voor eerste Sterren op het doek

wo, 04/01/2012 – 09:46


Gisteravond werd het nieuweseizoen van ‘Sterren op het doek’ geopend door presentatrice Linda de Mol. Ruim een miljoen mensen zagen hoe ze driemaal vereeuwigd werd in een schilderij.

Terwijl kunstenaars Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, Emile van Dalen en Nicoline Heemskerk de presentatrice zo treffend mogelijk neer probeerden te zetten, ging Hanneke Groenteman op zoek naar de persoon achter het merk Linda de Mol. Is ze alt

ijd de goedlachse vrouw of kent ze ook een keiharde zakelijke kant? De opbrengst van de veiling komt ten goede aan Stichting Heppie. Later in dit seizoen van het Omroep MAX-programma komen nog onder meer Caroline Tensen, Freek de Jonge, Hans van Breukelen en Jeroen van Koningsbrugge voorbij. 1.090.000 mensen zagen het programma op Nederland 2.

Nederland 1 bleef echter de grote winnaar van de avond. Aan het begin van de avond scoorde Omroep MAX al met het nieuwe programma ‘De luchthaven’, waarin de werknemers van de grootste luchthaven van het land worden gevolgd. 1.025.000 liefhebbers zagen de eerste aflevering. Toch zorgde ‘Sterren op het doek’ er mede voor dat een nieuwe aflevering van ‘Frozen planet’ met 1.722.000 kijkers de één-na-slechtst bekeken uitzending van het natuurprogramma tot nu toe was. Hierna toonde ‘Opsporing verzocht’ beelden van de aanslag op de rechtbank aan de Parnassusweg in Amsterdam van afgelopen september. Dat werd door 1.371.000 mensen gezien. Ook het programma ‘Nederland van boven’ blijft populair. Met 1.188.000 kijkers was het na de 1.247.000 volgers van vorige week de best bekeken uitzending tot nu toe.

En RTL 4 probeerde te scoren met de film ‘The ugly truth’ uit 2009. Hierin laat een producente van een ochtendprogramma haar chauvinistische assistent zijn theorieën over relaties te bewijzen door een liefde voor haar te zoeken. Maar wat ze niet gedacht had gebeurt: zij vindt liefde terwijl hij verliefd op haar wordt. 902.000 mensen zagen de productie. Intussen scoorde RTL 7 iets meer dan de helft van dat aantal kijkers met een andere film, ‘Rat race’ uit 2001, met onder meer John Cleese en Rowan Atkinson in de hoofdrollen. 478.000 liefhebbers zagen hoe enkele mensen die elkaar niet kenden een bizarre wedstrijd met elkaar aangingen om een hoofdprijs van twee miljoen dollar.

Maar liefst dertien programma’s van de dinsdag wisten meer dan een miljoen mensen te boeien. Een overzicht:
1.Achtuurjournaal (2.168.000)
2.Frozen planet (1.722.000)
3.Halfachtnieuws (1.693.000)
4.Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden (1.606.000)
5.Hart van Nederland (1.461.000)
6.Opsporing verzocht (1.371.000)
7.Zesuurjournaal (1.356.000)
8.ÉénVandaag (1.305.000)
9.Nederland van boven (1.188.000)
10.RTL Boulevard (1.187.000)
11.Sterren op het doek (1.090.000)
12.Shownieuws (1.066.000)
13.Luchthaven (1.025.000)

Tekst: Ivo Schimmel

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Goudse Post – 28 december 2011

donderdag, december 29th, 2011

Hart van Holland 28 dec 2011

vrijdag, december 23rd, 2011

Vprogids 22 dec 2011

Sterren op het doek
Ned 2
3 jan 20-25-21.05 uur 2011

zaterdag, oktober 29th, 2011

Cabinodd Director Ella Buzo Interview

October 29, 2011



A very special in-depth interview with Cabinodd Director Ella Buzo. Cabinodd’s partnership for 2011 BLOOOM is excited to be the world’s first interdisciplinary presentation platform for artists and art projects in the creative industries. The second edition of BLOOOM will take place from OCT 29 – NOV 1, 2011 // STAATENHAUS AM RHEINPARK, COLOGNE. Check out the interview after the break.

Please give a short introduction to yourself/company or what you do.
Cabinodd is a visual arts consultancy and gallery located in the heart of the cultural district in Enschede, the East Netherlands. Cabinodd’s intimate showroom is tucked away in a SeARCH Architects-designed residence on a listed post-industrial site. The complex is also home to a museum and artist’s studios.

Ella Buzo created the company in 2003 as an extension of a popular art links website which featured surrealistic, unconventional, wonderful contemporary art. This was followed in 2005 by a desire to provide a real-life platform for artists and the launch of Cabinodd Collections. The concept for the gallery is based on the ‘Kunst-und Wunderkammer’ or ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’; personal collections of man-made and natural objects to wonder at and about. The gallery’s emerging international artists are known for their high level of technical skill, off-beat and often challenging subject matter. Cabinodd’s belief in its roster of artists as well as the desire to promote high quality work, has led to a broadening of activities to incorporate curating and consulting, as well as corporate art services. Its mission is to champion the work of innovating contemporary artists and a genre-expanding work that continue to enrich the art world today. Collaboration with other galleries, cultural entrepreneurs and art professionals is a key ingredient in all Cabinodd projects.

What are you contributing to Blooom this year?
Mixed media and paintings by gallery’s artists: Kirsten Wilmink, Buddy Nestor, Kwon Kyungyup, Birgitta Sundstrom Jansdotter’s and Mr. Sauli. And new sculptures by the guest artist Ludmilla van der Spoel. Here’s an introduction.


“Drinking beer and eating bratwurst with potato salad are part of any other normal day for the Meier family in Meppen. Just like every other German family, they are members of the local football and shooting club, proud owners of a garden plot, and they are always in a bad mood. Their narrow-minded petty bourgeois mentality and distinctive dress style are infamous: (socks!) Birkenstock sandals and traditional Bavarian Lederhosen.”

Kirsten Wilmink, The Truth About Germans

German artist Kirsten Wilmink is a 2011 Sandberg MFA Graduate specializing in cross-media design. Wilmink’s preferred method for observing and rendering the stereotypes and prejudices that are widespread within society is staged and digitally-manipulated photography. Her bright photos are often centered around family and home life. A few recurring themes are family and social life, particularly friendships and relationships, as well as cultural history. Wilmink’s ‘The Truth About Germans’ series is a humouristic take on some of the more well-known stereotypes about German people. Her approach is unsparing: clothing, accessories, locations, postures and even facial expressions are staged, photographed and later digitally exaggerated with intense care. The artist further loads the images by using her own (German) family members as models. The detail-rich, hyper-realistic images invite our close scrutiny– and this engagement is rewarded with a wealth of small satirical details and hidden symbolism. The ironic wit of ‘The Truth About Germans series leads inevitably to deeper consideration about the nature of truth, truisms and clichés and the narrow cultural nuances that separate these perceptions.

Buddy Nestor’s intense portraits of contemporary female artists and friends provoke visceral reactions with anyone who encounters them. Large and looming, and particularly when set side by side in a gallery setting, the distorted faces materialize– as ghostly and horrific as if conjured up from the supernatural realm. The works in this ongoing series have been called “beautiful and repulsive; an unsettling paradox, rarely found” (Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2011). “Consequently, each portrait seems to pulse, its essence both oozing and surging forward into the viewer’s subconscious.” (Stacey Ransom). Nestor’s physical and psychological images are an attempt to capture the true nature of humanity. Each painting is a complex exploration of the individual, penetrating the layers of his subject’s psyche yet maintaining an uncertain mystery. There is a dichotomy present which churns us through notions of the beautiful and the grotesque. The human figure is disintegrated into a familiar, yet unrecognizable form. Left before us are emotions that become parasitic to the viewer. Sadness, fear, hope, loneliness and joy, all cycle through moments of terror and grace. Nestor uses acrylic, spray, and graphite to create the beautifully distorted paintings and ‘spiritual X-rays’.

Born in 1975 in Seoul, Kwon Kyungyup graduated from SeJong University in 1999 with a major in Fine Arts, and is now a student of the graduated school Master’s course of SeJong University. She currently lives in Ilsan and works in Gana Art Jangheung Atelier in South Korea. Kwon Kyungyup’s figurative paintings reveal an unassailable world of sensuality, duality and emotional imprisonment. She approaches her figurative paintings in a way in which her subjects are depicted almost as inhuman and immaculate beings, as if the body is merely a storage for deep
memories of pain, loss, and trauma. Her paintings represent wounded souls sheltering within bandaged boys and girls. The bandage-covered faces are symbolic of a wound the body remembers: a spiritual, ontological wound that purifies or sublimates emotion. In Kyungyup’s work tears are positive equipment for delivering emotions. The eyes of the figures are focused on the object that brought the sense of loss. Pearls similarly stand in as tears and as a metaphor (trope is artspeak for metaphor) for the meaning of emotional purification, curing, and sublimation. These works are exquisite and intimate portraits of human frailty and resilience.

Mr. Sauli graduated from the media design programme at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2009. His graduation project, Mimetrics, is an ongoing exploration of the structure and techniques of visual narratives, focusing on their application in films and recently also in music videos. Diving into cinema’s alternate realities, in a way that no previews or written summaries can describe, Mimetrics presents a movie as one simultaneous image, or map, of an entire film. In this way, the visual language of cinema–- narratives of color, texture and image (as opposed to dialogue) – becomes visible to every viewer. Mimetrics is a series of photographic c-prints of various films and music videos. Mr. Sauli combines classic motion pictures like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘Amelie’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with music videos by Daft Punk and Foo Fighters to create new visual artworks. His work is inspired by directors and filmmakers like Michel Gondry, the Coen brothers and Jan Švankmajer.

Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter is born in Gävle, Sweden and living and working in the Netherlands since 2001. Within the variety of emotions and expressions, lines and background patterns at her disposal as a painter, one element in her portraits remains constant: the figure-subject always appears centrally in the composition. The figures seem isolated, as though they’ve been removed from their original context, as if they are actors about to play a predefined role to recreate a scene in a predefined play. Making an obvious allusion to the movement of Pop Art, these portraits are taken from images of the modern culture. While the women depicted are shown in different settings and situations, they look down at the viewer in an oblique reference to the advertising industry’s use of the female icon– as an idealized and beautified object. In so doing, Sundström Jansdotter has translated and transmuted the familiar images of popular culture into the language of painting.

The guest artist Ludmilla van der Spoel is fascinated by the rugged landscapes of the North. Wandering along the shores of the upper most northern parts of Norway, she collected small pieces of driftwood that have been eroded and washed ashore by the cold Barents Sea. On these barren, snowy shores you could also find the remains of arctic animals. Once there was a young polar bear who wandered adrift on a melting ice-floe all the way from Spitsbergen. It landed 50 years ago on the same beach Ludmilla collected her driftwood. Combining this story to the beautiful silver-white pieces of driftwood which she collected, led to the emergence of the “Arctic Fleet“. Van der Spoel’s “Arctic Fleet“ is a collection of small white ceramic sculptures, each placed on a piece of arctic driftwood. These works are a dreamy fusion of a human and an arctic animal resulting in a kind of ethereal hybrids.


What excites you currently about this year’s event?
Cabinodd is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to show our artists in Germany, and we’re particularly excited about our first BLOOOM presentation. It’s very inspiring being surrounded by such a great mix of creative talent from all over the world.

The cross-disciplinary character of BLOOOM is an especially attractive aspect of the event; it feels like we are all part of something big and new. The art world is undergoing some radical changes at the moment, and it looks like the traditional concepts of art presentation are being re-engineered for a future in which creative industries will work more closely together. Galleries and art agencies are looking for new ways to collaborate and cross-pollinate, both within and outside the sector. Everyone is searching for new formulas for exploring new ideas, engaging with innovating artists and readying the art sector for the next economy. It makes for an openness and energy that is almost palpable.

Why is it important to participate in the event?
BLOOOM mirrors the cross-disciplinary character of contemporary art, particularly with respect to what is going on at new and experimental galleries, as well as with the newest generation of artists. It’s important to have a platform for these ideas—especially to support artists who don’t necessarily conform to traditional art world rules and expectations. Speaking from a personal point of view, art should reflect basic principles: the experiment, novelty, aesthetics, skill and the pure enjoyment of making. It’s similar to a child untouched by the ‘real world’: a naturally curious and creative spirit that’s free to explore and whose imaginative powers are still unfettered. That’s what Cabinodd artists are about. From the experimental new media works like those of Mr. Sauli, which take the music videos to the next level, or Kirsten Wilmink’s use of her own family members, editing skills and a sense of humour to take aim at the simplest ironies of human existence. The same is true for the Cabinodd artists working in traditional mediums like Kwon Kyungyup, Buddy Nestor, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter’s  and Ludmilla van der Spoel. There’s an internal source of inspiration common to all of these artists– it’s rooted in the emotional, the spiritual, the visceral and most beautiful facets of being human. Cabinodd’s art is best experienced from the heart.

Taking place within the same time frame as ART | FAIR gives all the BLOOOM participants the opportunity to offer the established art fair audience something different and visually refreshing, as well as to inspire and entertain a new generation of art lovers and collectors. Together we have the responsibility to continue to promote, support and encourage creative talent, and to let the public and collectors know who we are and what we have to offer.

What do you hope to get out of it?
We are looking to expand our network of art lovers, art collectors, fellow galleries ‘in crime’, artists and more generally to inspire the public to stay curious about talking, enjoying, wondering about and buying artworks.

Who are some artists that you are looking forward to seeing?
I am looking forward to discovering new galleries, art and artists showing at BLOOOM and ART | FAIR, as well as new works by familiar faces such as the Strychnin gallery artists Daniel van Nes, Raf Veulemans, David Stoupakis, and Saturno Buttò who is also represented by Cabinodd in the Netherlands. It’s also exciting to be showing together with the artists and galleries we have worked with before in previous projects. Lennard Schuurmans (represented by Shop Around) for example, has worked with our corporate art collections. Cédric Laquieze, who is represented by artkitchen gallery, and whose work we were proud to present at our first Liaison Amsterdam exhibition. And Daan Roosegaarde with his latest work FLOW 5.0 who will shortly be opening the ‘Plug-In’ symposium at TETEM art space where I also do programming and marketing.

Anything you’d like to plug?

It only seems right to plug the ‘Plug-In’ symposium at TETEM art space in Enschede on 23 November about the concept of the running exhibition ‘User Generated Art’, with works by Theodore Watson, Kimchi and Chips and Navid Nuur among others.


Last but not least, in March, 2012 Cabinodd and four other galleries will be presenting international imaginary realism at the new Dreamscape exhibition. And starting on 26 April 2012 is the amazing project ‘The Artery Show’ in collaboration with zw/artprojects ( and TETEM art space ( We’ll be showing artworks from more than 30 private collectors, together with a three-part exhibition and educational program about the world of art so check soon for more information.


Finally I’d like to do a special shout-out to all EMPTY KINGDOM fans to come and join the BLOOOMmania in Cologne!


Ella Buzo

Cabinodd director

Link for Cabinodd Director Ella Buzo Interview

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Cabinodd – BLOOOM


Buddy Nestor




29 October – 1 November 2011

Within the framework of ART.FAIR

Cabinodd booth BL C11 / South wing

Location: Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Auenweg 17, 50679 Cologne, Germany

For ticket info visit


Cabinodd is one of the Dutch galleries taking part at the second edition of BLOOOM, the world’s first interdisciplinary presentation platform for artists and art projects in the creative industries. This year’s edition will take place from Oct 29 till Nov 1, 2011 in Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Cologne. Vernissage, Award Ceremony and Party are on Oct 28. International participants – ranging from fine arts, design, music, performing arts, fashion and literature to architecture, advertisement, software and games – will present their latest creations and works in an amazing location in the heart of Cologne. BLOOOM takes place within the same timeframe and space as ART.FAIR, fair for modern and contemporary art offering an even greater opportunity for exchange and inspiration.


Check out for more information


Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter


Kirsten Wilmink

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